Attic Insulation


Attic Ventilation + Insulation = Fewer Roof Problems

Everyone Appreciates the Time of Year we can Open Windows and Enjoy the Weather, but us Texans know those Days are Unfortunately Few and Far In-Between! During those Hot Summer Months if the Attic Floor isn't Evenly and Adequately Insulated that Heat can Radiate Down into your Living Area only making your Air Conditioner work harder to keep your inside comfortable ultimately costing you more money.

Available in a Multitude of Options and Styles from Fiberglass or Cellulose Blown-In to Spray Foam, Proper Attic Insulations primary purpose is to Prevent Heat Transfer and is an Essential Factor of Energy Savings in every Season. Your Roof involves more than an Amazing Shingle, Ventilation and Insulation are truly what makes it a Entire System!

Tenholder Roofing is a Certified Roofing Contractor through some of the Industries Largest Manufacturers to provide you with the Absolute Best Products and Warranties there are to offer!

blown in insulation
spray foam insulation
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Key Benefits

Extends The Lifespan Of Your Roof

Cost Effective Upgrade & Energy Efficient ROI Abilities

Complement A Manufacture's Roof Warranty To Truly Make It A System

Helping Keep You & Your Family Cool When It Matters Most

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"If A Single Product Can Claim The Status Of A Green Building Silver Bullet, It Might Be Foam Insulation. Singlehandedly, These Products Can Almost Guarantee The Highest Practical Levels Of R-Value Per Inch, Effective Air Sealing, Moisture Management, And A Higher Performance As Expanding Foam Usually Fills Even Unseen Gaps."


"Greenfiber Is Engineered To Fill The Tiny Joints, Crevices, And Gaps Hidden Within Your Attic, Walls, Floors And Ceilings. Highly Effective As Sound Insulation, It Serves As A Scientifically Advanced Barrier Capable Of Muffling Sounds That Typically Infiltrates And Reverberate Through Our Homes"


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