Suitable For The Most Extreme Conditions

Commonly referred to as Rubber Roofs, EDPM Roofing Systems Proven Track Record of Performance and Longevity are the reason its been an industry favorite for over 50 Years. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) Tough and Durable Membranes are only available in two colors. Black and White. Typically a 45-Mil or 60-Mil Membrane Thickness, EDPM Roofs can be installed as a Ballast System,  Mechanically Attached or Fully Adhered. Requiring Minimal Maintenance, these products are Simply Single-Sheets of Co-Polymer Synthetic Rubber and actually used in a Variety of Industries other than Commercial Roofing. With a Relatively Low Cost Barrier, EPDM Roofing Systems are Ready to Protect Your Property for Years to Come!

Tenholder Roofing is a Certified Commercial Roofing Contractor through some of the Industries Largest Manufacturers to provide you with the Absolute Best Products and Warranties there are to offer!

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EPDM Roof - Key Benefits 

EPDM Roof Warranties

Manufacture Warranty Options Offering Lifetime Durations

Rubber Roofs

Relatively Low Competitive Price Point

EPDM Roofing Systems

Proven Hail, Weathering & Abrasion Resistant

EPDM Rubber

Requires Low Maintenance, If Any

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"EPDM Was Cost-Effective And Simple To Install, And Quickly Became Known For Its Exceptional Hail Resistance, UV Stability, And Weathering Resistance Due To The Cross-Linked Nature Of Its Chemistry And The UV-Absorbing Power Of Its Raw Materials." 


"EPDM Has Advantages Over Other Elastomers In That Its Weathering Resistance Is Extraordinary And Its Raw Materials Are Highly Cost Effective. Presently, EPDM Dominates The Elastomeric Roofing Market, Outselling All Other Materials Combined. Among The Single-Ply Roofing Systems, EPDM Offers Building Owners The Roofing Industry's Longest Average Service Life, With More Than 40 Years Of Field Performance, Representing More Than 20 Billion Square Feet Installed."


"One Of The Best Ways To Conserve Natural Resources In Any Construction Project Is To Use Building Materials With Long Life Expectancies, Thus Reducing Or Delaying The Need For Their Replacement. As One Of The Few Roofing Membranes With More Than 50 Years Of History In The Field, EPDM Is Unmatched In Terms Of Long-Term Service Life. Thirty-Year-Old EPDM Has Been Known To Exhibit Physical Properties That Exceed Those Of New Membranes, Including Tensile Strength, Water Absorption Rate, And Tear Strength."


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