Stone Coated Steel


Founding Sophistication In Metal Roofing

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Systems have been a Desired Alternative for decades. Its Unique Elegance can complement any property with a wide variety of architectural designs and color options. Stoned Coated Roofs are fabricated out of 24 or 26 Gauge Steel Rolled Sheets With a Rust-Preventing Base Coating and a Permanently Adhered Thick Layer of Stone. These Products have some of the Highest Industry Wind Ratings and Impact Resistant Class IV Qualities. Even the Harshest Weather can't conquer the durability and extensive protection of a Decra Metal Roofing System. Due Nonexistent Maintenance Cost and Longevity, upgrading to a Stone Coated Steel Roofing System not only provides return on investment abilities but unmatched performance to last a lifetime.  

Tenholder Roofing is a Certified Roofing Contractor through some of the Industries Largest Manufacturers to provide you with the Absolute Best Products and Warranties there are to offer!

Stone Coated Steel Roof - Key Benefits

steel tile roof

Available In Multiple Architectural Designs & Color Options

decra roofing system

Highly Wind & Hail Resistant For Lifetime Protection

steel tile roof

Unsurpassed Manufacture Systems Warranty

decra roof

Initial Investment Recuperation Ability

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"In Short, It Costs More Initially, But The Industry Says The Attributes And The Long-Term Cost Benefits Make It More Than Worth It. Plus, They Say, It Will Likely Be The Only Roof A House Ever Needs."


" They Also Loved The Idea Of The Longevity And Durability Of A Metal Roof, Along With The Fire Resistance Of The Panels, A Concern Due To The Southern California Location Of The Church. The Metal Shingles Are More Environmentally Friendly Compared To Some Other Roofing Materials, As The Aluminum Contains Recycled Content And Can Be Recycled At The End Of Its Long Service Life!"


"Upgrading To A Metal Roof May Increase A Home’s Value By Up To 6% Compared To Using Other Materials. By Elevating Your Home With A DECRA Stone-Coated Metal Roof, Your Chances Of Selling Not Only Increase, But You Might Be Able To Sell Your Home For More Thanks To The Added Benefits DECRA Roofing Offers, Such As: Longevity, Durability and Energy Efficiency."


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